NOV. 1ST 2021

FYI I am now on Fancentro as well! So if any of you are using that platform, come check me out.

Follows are free and subscriptions are just $1 per month

*** Only Fans IS and will always be my preferred platform for content creation…and you will ALWAYS get way more on Only Fans than anywhere else ***

My Fancentro account kicked off kinda big, especially considering I didn’t tell anyone that I made one to test out and ended up with subscribers to a practically blank page.

So yeah I guess I’m doing that now too in order to check it out thoroughly for you guys. I’ll update this when I learn more about them.

Below is my link if you wanna follow me:

Models please use this link to signup:

UPDATE: JAN 24, 2022

To ALL content creators starting out, I DO NOT suggest using Fancentro unless you have a solid, large fan base.

Their payout amounts are set very high for a newbie! It’s possible that you could start an account and NEVER get any of the money you earned out of it.

The cheapest payout amount is $50 if you are using Paxum to withdraw. However, Paxum charges to receive funds and also charges when you withdraw those funds! This is in addition to the 20% fee that Fancentro charges you to use their site.

So for example if you request a $50 payout from Fancentro and you choose the Paxum wire transfer option you will be charged 0.05% (but in fine print they say minimum of $25.00!) to receive the money from Paxum. Now let’s say you want to transfer that to your primary checking account, that’s the same as above at 0.05% BUT it also states there is a minimum fee of $50 for this. So your $50 transfer becomes $25 that just sits in Paxum bc you cant afford to transfer it out.

Now they have other methods/types of transfers and also have the option to get a Paxum debit card but those options all have fees associated with them. Why bother paying all those fees on a regular basis when you can do OF and just pay a flat 20%.

Here’s the minimum transfer amounts by type from Fancentro:

  • Wire – $1250
  • Check – $100
  • Paxum – $50
  • ACH – $100
  • SEPA – $290 (250€)
  • USDT Tron/TRC20 network – $500
  • USDT Ethereum/ERC20 network – $2000

Here is the above information on the Paxum site:

Also, here’s a cool website I found that reviews ALL the popular adult content creator sites:

and here is their section on Fancentro in particular:

UPDATE: JAN 27, 2022

Ok I’m starting to change my mind about Fancentro. At least when it comes to creators with a large following.

I still like Only Fans better for literally a million reasons……buuuut there are a few things that functionally speaking are pretty freakin cool. Things I wish OF had!

My favorite of these things is probably their tiered membership options and the discount/retention offers tied to each one. This is an absolutely BRILLIANT business model for this type of platform! Patreon has a similar business model but it’s not as thorough or as user friendly as Fancentro’s.

Here’s a quick breakdown of these features:

  1. You can set multiple memberships tiers for ANY amount. You can have a $1. monthly plan, a $5 monthly plan and a $20 monthly plan! No cap on the amount of plans you can have.
  2. You can adjust the subscription duration to create monthly plans all the way up to yearly. You can even set a one time payment, like a lifetime subscription!
  3. Allows you to give discounts or create restrictions of use for a specific subscriptions.
  4. You can add perks to customize any plan you create. Use their premade ones OR make your own! Similar to Patreon or a Go Fund Me page. (I’ll tell you a really clever thing I did with this later!)
  5. Allows you to make free trial subscription based on criteria potential clients have met/not met. Such as if they have used a trial once, you can set it to not allow them another one. You can also adjust the length and the price of subscription if you want it to be different than one of your other ones.
  6. Has a built in retention discount that you can adjust. This offers subscribers that are about to expire or have expired an incentive to continue their subscription without you doing anything extra!

You see why I was so impressed with that part! Seriously I have yet to see another adult content creation site as well thought out on this specific thing. None even come close to this level of flexibility!

Moving on, I want to add that the layout of things is SUPER awkward. Like your friend inviting you to a party and you arrive to discover its actually a baby shower.

I keep forgetting how to get to my actual profile bc they don’t include a link to that on your creator dashboard! The only way I know how to do it, is to manually type it into the actual browser tab…which is dumb! Huge oversite in my opinion.

Same thing for uploading. The button to add content is only in one place and it’s not where you would expect it to be. Luckily it’s bright green, so you’ll know when you finally see it!

As for the clever trick I mentioned above. Basically I made a plan that was higher than my Only Fans rate and included my own perk of a FREE Only Fans subscription for the same amount of time as the Fancentro subscription I set up. (I also added other perks, like my snapchat). My thought is that this will encourage users to be on both in case one shuts down in the future. An added bonus is that Fancentro promotes it’s models, where Only Fans doesn’t. So hopefully merging them like this will be a good move.

There is also an easy way to add content to Fancentro if you are on another platform. I haven’t done it yet, but I plan to soon. A company made a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download your content from one site and upload/transfer it to another via zip file. So I plan to download my entire Only Fans media horde and drop it into Fancentro to kick it off super strong! That also alleviates the need to actively post in it since I already have tons of stuff and this is a brand new audience. So this plan will reduce the maintenance work load drastically.

*** As for all my hate about their cash out requirements, that still remains true. At least for now. However, I definitely like it more now that I figured out a clever way to use it with my Only Fans. ***

Since I just started Fancentro I don’t have enough income to schedule a payout yet, but as soon as I do I’ll update this again. Planning on trying an ACH payout just to see how that works bc in my opinion Paxum is a train wreck and not worth doing. (Which is really interesting considering how widely used Paxum is on various content creation sites such as Fancentro, PornHub, Stripchat etc). My guess is they are charging extra everywhere they can bc they want a piece of the adult content creator pie like everyone else.

Anyway, if their ACH works well, with minimum/zero fees it might be worth doing but I still fear for the new model just starting out bc $100 can be a steep benchmark to hit without a following.




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  1. WhichFanSite says:

    Hey Jenna, thank for the mention up above, we’re really tying our best to provide a useful resource for content creators so it means a lot to get the mention.

    It’s funny isn’t it… the more you start to use OnlyFans alternatives the more you realise how far behind it is as a platform in terms of creator features. There’s no escaping however, it gets almost 30X the traffic of it’s nearest competitor!

    PS: Really like what you’ve done with your custom site here and the content you’re putting out! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Jenna Starlight says:

      @WhichFanSite, thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words!!! I LOVED your site, it was incredibly accurate and more thorough than most I’ve seen….so I absolutely HAD to link back to it! Fellow models always ask for my opinion on various aspects of this business so I try to link any really helpful info I find. Especially because it’s become increasingly difficult to find honest/unbiased and also well written information!

      Also, I completely agree with your above statement regarding Only Fans. There’s tons of minor issues relating to the functionality of OF, some are so bad at times that it renders the site useless for minutes at a time, others are less noticeable but create HUGE problems. Such as the time I spent 5 days scheduling auto-posts for 3 months, only to discover the following week that all of them had been erased! Ugg.

      Anyway…enough about all that.

      Keep up the good work as well, thanks for contributing to help creators! 🙂

      PS I have a new website that I’m about to link you on also, it’s


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