1st Shoot in my new studio!!!

Finally finished my studio enough to do a shoot in it this past weekend…..and let me tell ya, I’m freaking pumped! The space worked far better than I imagined it would! I still have much to do in order to get it set up exactly the way I need/want but I am off to an incredible start!

I can already tell that this is going to allow me to do way more shoots than I was able to before. Having one place with all my shoot equip, clothing, props, toys etc etc is sooooooo much better than having everything all mixed up and having to load/unload my car every week all while hoping I didn’t forget something important behind!

Here’s the very 1st pic from the studio…enjoy!

Also, let me add that anyone that wants to contribute to the studio build will be greatly rewarded!!!!

Here’s the link to my wish list:


I need any/all of the backdrops, equip and misc props listed in here in order to complete this build out. If you don’t wanna go thru the entire list, look mostly at the top and bottom.

Lastly, I will add that I also need to run more electrical, insulation and possibly light sound proofing. To help with that stuff, cash is going to be the best…..so as a reminder, my cash app is:


Whether you send cash or buy something off the wishlist, please message me to make sure I know so I can add you to the studio contributor list, which as I said above, comes with benefits.

(Amazon doesn’t tell me who bought what)

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