Lives & Behind The Scenes with Jenna – Twitch, YouTube, Discord etc…

I have decided to start a Twitch channel so you guys can see more “day in the life” type stuff and interact with me more often. I plan to have a mix of art, gaming and also just regular chatting.

A big part of what I want to do there, is to give you an inside BTS look at what’s involved with some of my Jenna shoots. This will include set and prop builds as well as regular preparations like hair/makeup. I also plan to stream partial shoots live so you can see it in real time.

Don’t worry…you don’t have to be an avid gamer to join/participate in any of these things. I plan to incorporate Jackbox games into this so that you can play along with any browser, without having to download anything. This will work whether you are on a phone or computer and the games are super fun and super simple. I will also be playing other games both solo and with others.


My streaming schedule will be updated on Twitch soon and will also be listed here on my website.

Here is the link for my Twitch:

I will also be posting those videos to my YouTube channel, which will also feature my interviews with other Only Fans Creators (Vibrators in during the interview!!!).

Here is the link for that:


Lastly, I have a discord so that we can keep in touch off stream as well as allow me to coordinate with followers that want to play with me. (There are also pics posted in there as well!)

Here is the link for that:


❤️ So pretty please go give me a follow on these accounts to help me get started! ❤️

I need 100 subs on YouTube in order to get a custom/vanity URL and I need 500 on Twitch in order to unlock backgrounds and other features I want in order to achieve everything I want to do.

(Strongly considering sending rewards for follows on all of the above!!! Let me know if you think I should do that!)

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