I have a pretty BIG announcement!

I’ve officially partnered up with

In case you haven’t heard of them yet, lemme me give you a little background.

FYI: This is waaaay COOLER than it sounds…and I believe they are about to shake shit up in legit the BEST freakin’ way!

Moving on….ok so they started reviewing adult content creators several years ago on Twitter. Once that kicked off they spread out to Reddit, Discord and several other social media sites. A couple years go by and after building up traction they decided to turn this hobby into an actual career. The first thing they needed after incorporating was a branding package….logos, website, promotional posts etc.

Here’s where I come in….

I met the owners several months prior to all that via Only Fans! We struck up a random convo, which led to a meeting. First they propositioned me about doing some promotional posts for them bc they needed an industry face for the launch. However, during the meeting, they discovered I was more than just some random chick with nice tits (Aren’t we all tho?!).

I explained that I had a background in business, marketing and also graphic design and they were stoked.

However, they couldn’t afford to pay me! (Isn’t that literally ALWAYS the case?!)

Unlike EVERY other time in my life that has happened…

I offered to help them for FREE anyway and here’s why

Because I actually believe in what they are doing!


Creators NEED it. Fans NEED it and honestly the industry NEEDS it.

Their goal was simple and two fold;

  • To help REAL creators stand out from all the fake accounts so that they would get more followers.
  • Help FANS find the EXACT type of adult content creators they were looking for!

Here’s a little video I made to basically sum it up….

Models, YOU can EARN money as an affiliate on FansReviewMe! All you have to do is make a creator page and refer your fans to leave you a review!

Go check out the site to learn more.

There’s a TON more to say about them and what they are doing but I’m not gonna go into it all here. Just go to the site yourself and check it out. The overall structure and concept are there so you can get a pretty good idea about how it works and why our industry NEEDS something like this so badly. However, keep in mind the site is BRAND NEW, bc we are just getting started and haven’t added any of their 1,000’s of reviews yet.


Also, they are currently looking for a couple of investors.

So if you have some cash to invest and want to get in on the ground floor of something that’s already proven popular on social media, contact them via their site to ask about partnerships.


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