So I decided to try another new platform, which is partnered with a second platform. So basically this post is reviewing both.

Their goal is to work together but separate in order to give you a more comprehensive experience. Think of this kinda like if Only Fans and Pornhub had a baby.

Yeah weird mental image. You’re welcome lol

Anyway, I was super skeptical of this when I first joined but went for it anyway. My first impression was that the profile layout is very similar to Twitch, except they give the option to upload photos and videos. It also allows you to customize which tier each media upload is, which includes option like paid, verified site members only or free for all!

I personally think this is just great. Your profile is public but your premium content is locked so your archive has the ability to make money when you aren’t even online!

If you are like me and have been doing this a while, you likely have tons of older pics/videos that your existing fans have either already seen/bought etc. So this allows you to bring that older content back to life, with a brand new audience on a different platform!

The absolute BEST part so far is that they are also adult content creator friendly so they don’t punish you for linking your Only Fans, Fancentro, Fansly etc etc accounts! So you can broadcast all your links right there on your profile page!

Even the broadcasting screen is similar to Twitch but I think they got a few things better than the Twitch platform tbh. For example, they include a 3 tiered stream session, which all works together during your stream. Basically if someone wants to pay extra to pause your basic stream and enter a private one, they can as long as you allow it. You can also adjust or turn this off if you want. You have the option to set the stream price for each of those tiers and those can change per stream depending on what you are doing that day.

They also use OBS, which most of you should be familiar with bc Twitch, Only Fans and countless other sites use it for streaming.

Another cool thing is that they have a model search, so users can find the exact type of model they want to see which helps promote your page to active site users. StripChat also promotes models on their homescreen, without you having to pay or be some big famous pornstar!

Now for the negatives….

I watched a few random streams last night to get a feel for how other creators are using the site and to see how they set up their profiles, what they were charging, how many viewers you could expect to get etc

First thing I noticed is that the majority of site fans are cheap….and I mean CHEAP!!! Like woah smdh. The site uses Tokens instead of dollars. The exchange rate breakdown is:

10 tokens = $0.50

20 tokens = $1.00

100 tokens = $5.00

500 tokens = $25.00

1000 tokens = $50.00

2000 tokens = $100.00

Now this is just the structure of the exchange rate. The site allows users to tip any amount they want so I saw a LOT of tips under 10 tokens. During one stream a user tipped 1 token repeatedly but it ended up totaling just 30 tokens, which is only $1.50. Each tip prompts an auto comment on the chat screen each time. So this guy basically interrupted this creators chat for over 1 minute for a measly $1.50.

*** Yes every dollar adds up and I am always grateful for any amount I get from any one bc they don’t HAVE TO do anything. However, in this case it was making it very difficult for the streamer to see all her comments, tips from other users etc. It was obnoxious tbh. ***

The last negative thing I noticed was that these performers looked miserable. Site wide. Each one looked like they would rather be anywhere else, doing absolutely anything else. Seriously. It made me super uncomfortable to watch bc they just looked bored and disinterested regardless of their activity at the time.

One girl sat fully clothed in a desk chair playing on her phone for a solid 5 minutes, never once even looking up at the camera. Another left camera and was gone for over a minute with zero explanation.

Another was nude, sandwiched between 2 nude men in the classic Eiffel Tower pose except there was no movement, penetration or engagement with the audience and they all looked like they were forced to be there. They had set a target and I assume their plan was to sit like that until the goal was met, then they would perform. Which I get, but they could have talked to the audience to let them know what was going on or done a little strip tease to build up hype….hell even engaging each other with a smile would have made it feel less sad and weird.

*** I’m not shaming anyone for their style, but this does affect the tone of the site, it’s popularity and the longevity of it ***

The worst stream I saw is a situation that I always warn new creators of when they are starting out….

Doing something you don’t want to do just bc of the money

It’s heartbreaking to see performers under pressure, desperate to get popular/make more money etc blur or race past the lines of what they are comfortable with and end up hurting themselves in the process both physically and mentally.

So PLEASE if you are new (and even if you aren’t) set your boundaries and stick to it. DO NOT cave or give in spur of the moment without really thinking about your decision. I understand wanting more money but I promise you that doing content you aren’t happy with is gonna burn you out, set your clients expectations too high and end up giving you more grief than any amount of money is worth. To be successful in this business you have to decide what you are willing to do, what you aren’t and stick to your guns on it.

My Club

The last thing I’m gonna add is specifically about My Club. Basically this is a partner site of StripChat that attaches to your StripChat profile. It auto-copies your pics and videos over and creates a monthly subscription based off of that content. This allows users/fans of your Stripchat to subscribe to all your content at once via monthly fee you set, rather than buying each media item separately.

It’s practically just like Only Fans, Fancentro, Fansly etc. However, with far less features. It’s super simple and effective for fans that don’t want to leave either of these sites to join something different. They also made a cool widget extension that you can install via Google Chrome which copies ALL of your Only Fans (or similar sites) content directly to your My Club profile.

I know it seems pointless to create yet another subscription site (bc as you already know if you have been doing this a while) just managing 1 site like Only Fans and all the social medias that come with it, is super labor intensive. However, I highly suggest it if you plan to stream on StripChat. In my opinion, it’s just an extra revenue stream and it was really quick and easy to set up with the extension.

Other cam sites can only do 1 thing, offer a place for you to stream. They also take a lot more of your earnings, aren’t as well thought out and aren’t as user friendly. These 2 sites, nailed it. So in my opinion, if you want to get into cam shows, reach a wider audience and also have an easy subscription based platform, this is the place to be for sure.

If you decide to give either of these sites a try, use my links below. I get 10% of THEIR portion of proceeds (not yours!!!). If you don’t use my link, they keep 20% all to themselves rather than 10% for them and 10% for me. If you generate a sizeable amount I’ll gladly give you 5% back. Yes really.

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Also, full disclosure I get a small portion of your spendings for signing up via my link. However, this comes out of StripChats portion, not a creators portion and it’s also not a separate fee charged to you or anything like that.

Webmasters, Dancers, Strip Club owners and anyone else that knows adult content creators!

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